Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Rachael Garrett is Chair of Environmental Policy and leader of the Environmental Policy Lab at ETH Zurich. She is an environmental social scientist from the US, who uses a wide range of research methods and designs. Her primary interests are sustainable development and forest conservation. She has two children, a dog, and a husband with whom she loves to hike, swim, and camp. Email

Team at the Environmental Policy Lab

Dr. Janina Grabs

Janina is an Assistant Professor at ESADE Business School and associated researcher in the Environmental Policy Lab. She is a co-investigator of the SNF project on ZDCs in Indonesia, and continues to co-lead the lab’s work on palm oil. Email

Adelina Chandra

Adelina is a PhD student at the Environmental Policy Lab. Her PhD thesis examines the effectiveness and equity of ZDCs in the Indonesian oil palm sector through the use of producer surveys and spatial analysis. Email

Dr. Federico Cammelli

Federico is a postdoc in the Environmental Policy Lab. He coordinates the comparative fieldwork and works on ZDCs in the Brazilian cattle and soy sectors. He specializes in experimental and quasi-experimental methods. Email

Sam Levy

Sam is a PhD student in the Environmental Policy Lab. His PhD thesis investigates the effectiveness and equity of ZDCs in the cattle sector of the Brazilian Amazon using surveys, spatial econometrics and network analysis. Email

Dr. Florian Gollnow

Florian is a postdoc in the Environmental Policy Lab. He works on assessing the adoption and effectiveness of zero-deforestation commitments in the soy sector through the use of spatial econometrics. Email

Collaborators around the world

From top left to bottom right: On cocoa, we collaborate with Dr. Toby Gardner (SEI); Prof. Dr. Patrick Meyfroidt, Prof. Dr. Goedele Van den Broeck, and Dr. Erasmus zu Ermgassen (UC Louvain); Dr. Christian Bunn (CGIAR/CIAT); Prof. Dr. Jan Dirk Wegner (University of Zürich); Dr. Wilma Blaser Hart (University of Queensland Australia); as well as Prof. Dr. Johan Six (ETH Zürich). On cattle, we collaborate with Prof. Dr. Holly Gibbs and her research group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; as well as Judson Ferreira Valentim from EMBRAPA. On soy and palm oil, we collaborate with Nelson Villoria (Kansas State University), as well as Prof. Dr. Kim Carlson and Rodrigo Rivero (NYU). On palm oil, we further collaborate with Prof. Dr. Robert Heilmayr and Jason Benedict (UC Santa Barbara); as well as Prof. Dr. Arya H. Dharmawan and Dr. Nia Kurniawati Hidayat (IPB University).

Website image credit:

This website only uses images that we took ourselves or that are licensed for creative commons usage. Many thanks to the image creators Paulo Brando (for images of forests and deforestation in Brazil and fire use), as well as Alexandre Brondino, Marion Beraudias, and Kristiana Pinne for their pictures of cocoa trees and pods.